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All Work, All Play, All Day

Updated: May 30, 2021

It was an intense couple of days of yard work here at Robin's Nest. Susan, a good friend from OC, came down for a couple of days to help out. We made countless trips to the dumpster with tarp-fuls of leaves, did endless raking, pulled a million weeds, planted mom's 5 rose bushes, and attacked the dead bougainvillea growing out of a boulder. Susan also got to meet The Three Little Pigs for the first time; she and Meg had a lengthy conversation! I caught an adorable good morning video of the piggies waking up; Meg has a good stretch and Michael gives a big yawn. They all have fabulous hay bedhead! I also was able to snap a photo of a couple of Turkey Vultures sunning their wings on a telephone pole. We're also making plans for our next possible rescues: a mini donkey and a mini horse! <3

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