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Alpaca PickUp, Ramona Fair, & Coronado Paddleboarding

We've had an eventful week! Nicole (our neighbor to the West) is taking in two alpacas from a local vet tech school, and she needed our help to transport them home. Justin and I were glad to lend a hand! However, no one told us that they'd never been trailered before, and they were terrified of getting in my horse trailer. It took 3-4 of us to manhandle them in, and Nicole has some war wounds to show for the adventure. But, we managed to get them safely home and they're now loving life with two other alpacas and a baby pot belly pig.

We also went to the Ramona Fair. Such a good time! Stephanie, Justin, Emily, and I enjoyed walking around, snacking on food, listening to some tunes from a Lynyrd Skynyrd cover band, and playing some expensive fair games where the odds are stacked against you. But, all in good fun! Emily is the daughter of a local friend who has been helping out around the ranch; she's proving to be a big help around here, especially with the minis.

Justin and I went in search of some more R&R, this time in the form of water and waves. We packed up my stand-up paddleboards and met Andrea on Coronado Island. We paddled across a small bay to a secluded beach that's connected to the golf course, so it's fairly private. We sipped on some drinks, floated in the water, watched some Navy helicopters, and soaked up the sun. Ahhhh, paradise!

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