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Arrival of the Minis!

The day is HERE... The two minis arrived!! Rescued from kill pens in other states, we brought home a miniature donkey and a miniature horse. They both came from Little Hooves Rescue, which specializes in rescuing mini horses and donkeys.

"Donkey" (formerly known as "Tebow") is a miniature donkey who came to Little Hooves Rescue via the Stroud Kill Pen in Stroud, Oklahoma. He is only 35" in height, his age is estimated at 3 years old, he's a John (meaning he's been neutered/gelded/castrated), and his color is Grey.

"Phinneas" (formerly known as "Donut") is a miniature horse who came from Bastrop, Louisiana. He's even smaller than Donkey at only 30", is a Bay Paint (his coloring), is approximately 2 years old, and he's now a Gelding (he was a Stallion upon arriving at Little Hooves Rescue).

My dear friend from law school, Stephanie, was considering adopting Donkey as a companion for one of her horses, but her horses ended up staying together. However, Donkey had already won our hearts over and we set up some time to go visit. In the meantime, I had taken a peek at their website and fell in love with a second mini, "McFlurry." But, McFlurry was already spoken for by another family. I was heartbroken. Savanah, from Little Hooves Rescue, quickly spoke up about another miniature horse that had just come in. He wouldn't be available for a couple more weeks, as he had just been gelded and needed time to heal. So, we made two trips to visit Donkey and Phinneas, and I knew instantly that they'd both be coming to Robin's Nest!

They both have so much character, and I can't wait to embark on this new giant, mini adventure!

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