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Clearing the North 40

Ok, so it's more like clearing the North 1, but that doesn't have quite the same ring to it. ;) Gabino, our gardener and all around go-to guy for ranch projects, started a HUGE clearing and cleaning project for us on the North end of the ranch. There were mounds and mounds of old mulch that the previous owner had left piled up that were useless and, frankly, an eyesore. The same end of the property also contained a lot of weeds and overgrown brush that needed to be cleared. My original vision was to clear a majority of the trees and grade the Northeast corner for a riding arena. The infamous Robin's Nest boulders had other plans.

As Gabino and his men worked to clear the trees and brush, more and more boulders seemed to spontaneously appear! I had planned to maybe leave one boulder in the arena as a "feature," but the land had other plans. So, I was forced to pivot and relocate the arena to the other corner of the North end. Ultimately, it made more sense to put the arena on the Northwest corner, which was already relatively flat and free of obstructions. This just means I'll have to move the existing gate, but that's a smidge easier than moving a boulder the size of a car!

Gabino also removed some mulch on the outside of our backyard fence, making the area much, much prettier! Great progress was made in just a few short days. Gabino to the rescue, again!



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