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Julian Trip, Ranch Visitors, & Bed Rest

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

I have been too busy, and if I'm honest, I've just been putting it off, in going to Julian to check on Lucy: my little 1954 Fleetwood camper trailer. Mice are often an endless battle , so I was really dreading taking a peek inside the trailer. But, the day is approaching when I will bring Lucy to the Ranch, so it was time to bite the bullet. Mom, Justin, Emily, and I made a little trip out of it, taking in the beautiful mountain drive, stopping at Dudley's for arguably the best sandwich and bread in San Diego, and having a slice of pie at the famous Julian Pie Company. The Three Chimigos even got to tag along.

When we arrived to my campsite at Pinecrest Retreat (which caters to vintage campers), I cautiously approached the door. I nervously opened the door, and to my pleasant surprise, everything was as I had left it months earlier and there was not one sign of mice! VICTORY! I took a look around the campsite to take inventory of any other damage, etc., and there were only signs of heavy rain and the beating sun. The next task is the get Lucy out of that spot. We worked hard to get her in just the right position, which I thought would be her final resting place, but now we've made it impossible to get a vehicle in front of the trailer. We've got to figure a way to push her back about 30-40 feet on uneven ground in order to get my truck in there to hook up. This should be an adventure. Stay tuned!

We also had a couple of ranch visitors: Andrea and her niece, Kaylen. They were excited to meet the Three Little Pigs and the minis for the first time. Everyone enjoyed all of the pets and scratches! 🐴🐷

And, because of a recent medical procedure, I'm going to be on bedrest for a couple of weeks. Justin has been an invaluable asset in daily ranch chores, the Three Chimigos have been keeping me company in bed, and Mom and Justin made me a very thoughtful "Sunshine Basket," which includes small prizes and sweet gifts to open every day. ☀️ Some of my favorite gifts include a chess set from Justin (he has the unfortunate task of trying to teach me after we binged The Queen's Gambit), rock painting kit (it had a rock included in the kit that was the perfect shape for the Robin's Nest logo!), and a sticker book. I can feel the love!

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