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Special Visits, Tail Drops, & Pig Roams

We had some special guests and strange happenings this weekend.

Gabe and his dog, Bodhi, came to visit the ranch this weekend. We shared wine, cheese, and chatted about our Airbnb dreams! Gabe is a talented musician and runs a fantastic non-profit (EduMusication) that brings modern music education to students all over the world. Check out his many talents on his personal website and EduMusication!

Our other visitors are dear friends, Karen & Clay. Karen and my mom were at K-State together (though in different departments); then, Karen accepted a position at San Diego State University and we were reunited! We toured the property, heard all about their recent trip to see their son and granddaughter, and enjoyed catching up over a delightful meal.

A strange happening also occurred...I witnessed first hand a lizard dropping its tail in fear during an encounter with Julio. The dogs (ok, really just Lily and Julio) like to chase lizards. Julio was in hot pursuit and had a lizard trapped near the house; I don't encourage the dogs to harm them, so I told Julio to leave it alone and went to check on the lizard. As I approached, it dropped its tail and scurried off. The most startling thing was, however, watching the tail continue to twitch after the lizard left it behind! Check out the video below (kinda gross!). Isn't nature amazing!?

And, I figured the pigs have been at the ranch long enough to test out letting them roam the property. Everyone (mostly mom) was nervous, but they did great and loved zooming around (did you know that pigs get the "zoomies" too?!). We only stayed out a short time, I stayed right with them, and they followed me back in their pen with ease (ok, bribed with animal crackers). Check out Meg and her zoomies in the video below!

What an eventful and delightful weekend (apart from the lizard tail twitching)! Happy Memorial Day to all, and thank you to those military service-members who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and freedoms.

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