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The Cruise, Neighborly Gifts, & Minis Settle In

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

The minis continue to settle in nicely to their new home and to one another. Donkey and Phinneas didn't know one another before coming to Robin's Nest, so it's taking them some time to warm up to one another. Phinneas has definitely asserted himself as the Alpha, but Donkey is holding his own. They've even gotten to kick up their heels (see video below)!

The Anderson Family (our neighbors to the East) joined me on one of Ramona's coolest summer traditions, "The Cruise." Every Thursday, the community lines Main Street in Ramona to watch classic cars, collectible cars, and sometimes some good ole junkers cruise up and down the street. I pulled out my dad's 1956 Chevy Bel Air, we all piled in, and went for a lovely drive!

Speaking of great neighbors, we have fantastic neighbors in every direction. Nicole, our neighbor to the West, set up a "Neighbor Basket" on our shared fence, and her and her girls often leave treats from their gardens in the basket for me to collect. They are so sweet and thoughtful, and their generous neighborly gifts lift my spirits every time!

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