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The Three Little Pigs

They've arrived!!

The day has come...! The first rescues for Robin's Nest (although The Three Chimigos are technically the first rescues to inhabit RN) are three pot belly pigs: Falkor, Michael, and Meg (from L to R). As previously mentioned, they were being fostered by Farm Animal Refuge (a fantastic organization!) and were rescued from a hoarding situation. Michael and Falkor are a bonded pair and Meg is simply a sweetheart. Everything is better in threes, right?

Matt and Jordan delivered them to us from Campo, and Matt was nice enough to put a door on their enclosure so they are secure overnight from predators. Jordan brought some piggy champagne (aka watermelon) as a welcoming treat. They acclimated to their new home very quickly, and I was able to give belly rubs within the first hour of their arrival.

Welcome home, The Three Little Pigs!

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