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Tomato Time

While we had a bittersweet send-off today, it ended on a high note with tomatoes and a "new" golf cart.

Justin, my nephew, has been here from Texas for just over a month to help with the move and to get us settled. He was clearly already part of the family, but he became a tight knit member of the new ranch family and was an invaluable asset in getting us up and running. We will miss him dearly, but know he will be back soon!

  • The Kawasaki Mule I inherited from my dad is limping along, so I stepped up my search for a secondary cart for the ranch. I had already been looking for one for my mom to use around the property, and we think we found a good one today!

  • It was also finally time to put my new auger to work and plant some tomato plants in the garden. The garden needs a lot of TLC, but we're well on our way!

  • The Nest Saga continues -- still no baby birds yet. Day -2.

  • The large bird feeder stand was turned over after I awoke from a nap. After reviewing footage on the trail/bird cam, I discovered a squirrel was the culprit! Adjustments have been made. ;)

  • Confirmed we have orioles feeding at the hummingbird feeder, so I'm looking forward to getting a feeder out for them.

  • Picked a wagon-full of grapefruit and the trees are still loaded!

  • Lily discovered she's also a rock climber and is still on the hunt for the elusive lizard.

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