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It's Raining Birds, Hallelujah!

This is the last picture I was able to snap of the baby finches that were hatched under our porch. I typically climb a small step ladder and reach my phone up over the nest to snap a photo (I can't see in to the nest and can't see what picture I'm taking). Today, I started to climb the ladder to do the same, and baby birds started raining from the sky! They came flooding out and scattered with the wind.

I was panicking and trying to gather them to put back in the nest, all the while trying to keep the dogs away from them. Julio was helpful, however, in letting me know there was a baby bird on the other side of the yard. Unfortunately, I was only able to gather 3 of the 4/5 that came raining out of the nest. Hopefully momma and daddy bird will take care of the rest. Lesson learned: nature is best observed from a distance and don't press your luck in trying to get that one good shot!

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