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Law Broads, Ladies Who Lunch, & Corn

This last weekend was a great occasion to celebrate the birthday of great friend from law school, Katie. I hadn't seen most of these gals in person since before the pandemic, so it was a great excuse to get together and have a mini-reunion! Love and miss those faces!

My mom and I also attended Ladies Who Lunch in Ramona for the first time this week. It's a great networking group of friends, neighbors, businesswomen, and volunteers who live and/or work in Ramona. It occurs the second Tuesday of every month and is typically at a different local restaurant/venue. The proceeds of the raffle and a portion of the lunch go to benefit a local non-profit each time. This time, the organization was dear to me: TheraPony. This charity rescues and serves as a sanctuary for unwanted and special needs horses. How could you go wrong supporting such a fantastic cause?! The women gathering was impressive, the venue spectacular (Ramona Ranch Winery), and the food delicious (Farmhouse 78/John Little Catering)!

The pigs also got a treat - fresh corn on the cob. What a feast! Take a peek at a couple of the videos of them munching!

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