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More Ranch Chores, Snakes, & Mini Firsts

Justin and I continue to check tons of tasks off the list. We installed an automatic piggie door in the Three Little Pigs' house and a spy cam inside their house. This will make it easier on mommy to put them to bed in the evening and let them out when the sun comes up. Justin and I continue to make progress on cleaning up/out and organizing the Repair Shop. I bought a 70s teak bar that finally found its home in the corner of the Shop. Hopefully the bar will be open for service soon!

Another gopher snake was a little too close for comfort and had made its way into the backyard, so I enlisted Justin's snake removal services once again and he relocated the snake further away from the house.

I gave Phinneas his first rinse in the wash stall, and with Emily's assistance, Donkey got his first rinse too. They both did pretty well, and I'm sure a proper bath is in their future!

Nicole (neighbor to the East) runs a vintage re-sale business and I've already made a few fantastic purchases from her. Occasionally, she knows I have my eye on something and will leave it in my neighbor basket. This time, she left an adorable lantern that I hung in the Fairy Tree, as she termed it. It's a beautiful tree on the property that already had several lanterns, etc. hanging in it when we bought it. So, I added the beautiful lantern to the collection and it's ready for fairytales!

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