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Prep on the Ranch

Updated: May 26, 2021

We are busily preparing for Robin's Nest first official rescues - pot belly pigs! I've been connected for many years with Farm Animal Refuge, and they recently started fostering a huge number of pot bellies, which were rescued from a hoarding situation. I visited their farm and selected three pigs to come to Robin's Nest: "The Three Little Pigs."

We have a long list of chores to be done before the pigs arrive, so it's all hands on deck! We also continue to check on the baby bubby (and finally captured video of momma bunny coming to check in) and the baby birds. The little ones on the ranch are all growing so fast! I also picked a VERY tall onion, Elliott put a whirlybird on the pig enclosure for proper ventilation, and we added a little color to the patio with some yellow petunias. And last, but not least, Lily supervised while I made a sign for The Three Little Pigs.

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