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The Nest - Day 0

Day 0 - The Nest

Hi! Welcome to my first blog entry, EVER! I've never written a blog, so you'll have to bear with me through my own growing pains. I decided to start this blog today because it was quite the eventful day at Robin's Nest.

I've been watching these purple finch birds build a nest under the overhang near the front door, under our patio overhang. They don't particularly care for us being in their space and always flit away when we enter. I got curious today and stuck my phone up there to snap a picture inside the nest to see if there were babies. To my pleasant surprise, there were 5 adorable, tiny eggs! So, I'm calling this Day 0 of The Nest saga. We will go backwards in the numbered days (tomorrow will be -1) until they hatch, at which time we'll start back at Day 1. I can't wait!

Other fun accomplishments and discoveries today include:

  • finding a fuzzy caterpillar

  • buying mom 5 rose bushes for Mother's Day (just a couple days away)

  • Julio and Alberto realized they are rock climbers (Julio is obsessed with the ranch lizards; Alberto is along for the ride)

  • Lily chomped on a dead, dried up lizard (she too is obsessed with catching a lizard, but not quite to the degree Julio is)

  • Justin & I continued work on the Bunny Barn (we laid down 'bunny track' on their ramp) and chicken coops

  • I had the idea of using the leaf blower in the Papa Bear chicken coop to remove the leaves from the top of the coop canopy (not successful!)

  • I got my hair caught on the Momma Bear chicken coop (we've named the chicken coops this because we have 3 of varying sizes and this one is the medium one)

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